Robot, teach us to pray.
Myth and Prosthesis III.

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Myth and Prosthesis III: Robot, Teach us to Pray

The third and last installment of the series. The main motivation was to use technology as a cognitive ritual tool. I went back to crucial “pedagogical” events of my childhood. To the first times when I was told I should stop behaving like a homosexual. The times when I was told I should take psychiatric medication. I use the rhythms generated by the robot’s brain to dance and induce a trance state. I use the robot to investigate a self previous to the “pedagogical” events that modified me deeply. This is a utopia of a new way of relating with technology. An empowering way. To create a ritual technology that gives me tools re-code my mind/body in my own terms. 

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Myth and Prosthesis II: I Enjoy The World

“I Enjoy The World” is the second installment of the “Myth and Prosthesis” series, a reflection on the relationship between body, mind, reality, technology, politics and culture. It is an immersive, site specific sound installation that creates a sonic meditation environment, which uses music as its main medium, together with video, poetry and robotics. It is the result of an experiment I did over six months, which consisted on the use of different technologies of the self: sexual repression/excess, virtual disconnection/hyper-connection, and fasting/psychoactive overstimulation, as ways of recovering mysticism as a form of resistance and agency. I wanted to re-interpret mysticism outside of the monopoly of official religions, ancestralisms, or new age. 

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Myth and Prosthesis I

Myth and Prosthesis I: Do robots have an Ethnicity?


In the era of cognitive capitalism, our relationship with technology defines connections between body, mind and reality. In who’s image are body-technology integrations being designed? What are the mythologies that inform those integrations? Do robots have an ethnicity? What is the place of non-Western cosmologies in the development of new technologies?  

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Fusión: A Soundtrack for Peru

Fusión: A Soundtrack for Peru. Documentary + Book

Instituto de Etnomusicología Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 2007.

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Radiohuayco: Ethnography of the Sound of Lima

An experimental ethnography directed by Efrain Rozas which lasted from 2003 to 2007.

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