I enjoy the world.
An experiment in other personal mythology.

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I Enjoy The World

“I Enjoy The World” is the result of an experiment I did over six months with the aim of reshaping my relationship with mysticism. I wanted to approach spirituality not from official religions, ancestralisms, or New Age, but from the everyday experience available to anyone. The experiment consisted of the use of different techniques: sexual repression/excess, virtual disconnection/hyper-connection, and fasting/psychoactive overstimulation, as ways of experimenting to create a personal mysticism.

This experiment came from the need to create a way out of the virtual worlds that seem to be engulfing our present-day reality. This process was meant to provide an escape from the insidious dynamics imposed by social media and new technologies –those dynamics that occupy more and more aggressively, the space of our dreams, our altered states, our emotions and aspirations.“I Enjoy The World” is a music composition created while inhabiting different self-induced mind/body states over a period of six months. The piece was conceived and performed with a series of instruments that include software and hand-built hardware I made specifically for the project over that period of time.

It will be performed live as a 40 minute sonic meditation. 

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Myth and Prosthesis I

Myth and Prosthesis I: Intersectional Robotics

Absolute power creates technology
which creates prosthetics
which creates reality.
Personal mythology creates technology
which creates prosthetics
which creates reality
beyond that absolute power.


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Fusión: A Soundtrack for Peru

Fusión: A Soundtrack for Peru. Documentary + Book

Instituto de Etnomusicología Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 2007.

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Radiohuayco: Ethnography of the Sound of Lima

An experimental ethnography directed by Efrain Rozas which lasted from 2003 to 2007.

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