Robot, teach us to pray.
Myth and Prosthesis III.

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Myth and Prosthesis III: Robot, Teach us to Pray

My motivation was to use technology as a cognitive tool to liberate myself. I went back to crucial “pedagogical” events of my childhood. To the first times when I was told I should stop behaving like a homosexual, the times when I was told I should take psychiatric medication. Go to project →

Myth and Prosthesis II: I Enjoy The World

In the time of cognitive capitalism our dreams and imagination have become a valuable commodity, and social media becomes a very effective way of control.

This album is the result of an experiment I did over six months as a form of cognitive resistance, Go to project →

Myth and Prosthesis I

Myth and Prosthesis I: Do robots have an Ethnicity?

In the era of cognitive capitalism, our relationship with technology defines connections between body, mind and reality. In who’s image are body-technology integrations being designed? Go to project →

La Mecánica Popular – Experimental Latin American Ensemble

Explores the frontier between social dance and experimentalism, and seeks to erode the divisions between the popular and the avant-garde. Go to project →

La Vuelta al Día en 80 Mundos – Radio Show

Music ranging from the most experimental to field recordings from around the world. Polycentric, de-colonized radio. 
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Fusión: A Soundtrack for Peru

Fusión: A Soundtrack for Peru. Book + Video Documentary + Compilation CD

“Fusión”, a Peruvian music genre that brings together a myriad of traditional and contemporary styles. Featured artists include Susana Baca, Yma Sumac, El Polen, and many more.

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Radiohuayco: Ethnography of the Sound of Lima

A project that explored the frontier between anthropology and art (2003 – 2007)

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