An Ocean of Forgiveness

“An incredible physical presence that turned the stage into a soundscape” -The New York Times

An Ocean of Forgiveness is a new composition for live solo percussion composed and performed by Efraín Rozas, which slowly conjures an intense polyrhythmic trance, using complex percussive patterns and the resonance of the architecture. Rozas will be joined by light artist Kazue Taguchi (Japan/NY) who will manipulate a light sculpture in real time during the show.

It is very painful to look at trauma and history, without idealizing or rejecting a side of the story. To accept the complexity of being, beyond the rejection-idealization binary, locates us in a place of responsibility. A place of deep flexibility that erodes fixed ideological thinking. The first step in this direction is forgiveness. Forgiving is not forgetting. Rather, it is the bravest confrontation of everything others did to us, of what we did to others and ourselves, of what we allowed others to do to us. It is only then when we can start to write a new history. Only then can we break away from self perpetuating cycles and binaries.




Photo 1 and 3 by Hans Neumann. Photo 2 by Aura Buntinx