Still: Residency at The Kitchen 2021

Science, art, capitalism, and Marxism rely on Western concepts of time, space and being. If we want to think new futures we must question deeply those concepts.

Greek philosophy set the foundations for an objective knowledge of the world. They understood being as an object that could be measured: an ontology of the quantifiable (onto=being, logy/logos=knowing). For this, the senses were separated and time became independent from space. It is easier to quantify time, space and the senses separately, conceiving them as something linear.

In the sound performance “Still” I confront the audience with an ontology of the non-quantifiable, through the union of space and time, and the re-integration of the senses.

“Still” is a minimalist sound spatialization piece that uses the resonance of the room as its main element, creating a sound sculpture out of the empty space of the building through displacement of sound and silence. The piece emphasizes the change of our light perception through dilation of the pupils. The attendance is for a small group of people. The small group enhances the size of the room in terms of light, space and sound. It also creates intimacy in different moments from light to darkness.

Read the essay I wrote about the division of the senses. time-space separation and linearity in art. (click here).

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Installation at Queenslab for The Kitchen, NYC April 2021