Myth and Prosthesis III: Robot, Teach Us to Pray

My motivation was to use technology as a cognitive tool to liberate myself. I went back to crucial “pedagogical” events where my masculinity was damaged. I use the rhythms generated by the robot’s brain to dance and induce a trance state. I use the robot to investigate a self previous to the “pedagogical” events that modified me deeply. I focused on my pelvis. I found that many traumas live in my pelvis. By moving it and making it more free I healed my masculinity and my mind-body connections. 

This is a utopia of a new way of relating with technology. An empowering way. To create a ritual technology that gives me tools re-code my mind/body in my own terms.


The Kitchen (Residency NYC 2021) 
Jerome Foundation/Harvestworks New Works Comission 
NY State Council on the Arts/Wavefarm Media Art Fund
Time based art at Knockdown Center, New York


“A heady confluence of technology, culture, and cognition”. The New Yorker (click here)

Site Specific Performances

New Latin Wave, New York, Brooklyn Bazaar 9/30/18

Knockdown Center, New York 8/30/2018 

Amil Gallery, Lima 3/08/2018