La Mecánica Popular – Experimental Latin American Music

La Mecánica popular is an Experimental Latin American project that explores the frontier between social dance and experimentalism, and seeks to erode the divisions between the popular and the avant-garde. With this project I wish to contribute to developing of the re-contextualization of Latin American music beyond the cliches of the tropical kitsch, through the development of a experimentalism from the global south. To regain tradition as a form of agency, to promote a poly-centric world as opposed to an art world that needs to comply with Western criteria of “World Music”. 

La Mecánica Popular has been featured at NYC Central Park Summerstage for the 50th Anniversary of Fania Records, Brooklyn Museum, Levitation Festival, Queens Museum, BBC, CNN, and NPR. It was named one of the top 3 Latin Live acts in the U.S by Colombian Artist Juanes.  More at


Reviews of new album “Roza Cruz” (Names You Can Trust 2018, NYC)


“Radical Afro-Latin Futurism”- NPR (full review
“Brings tradition to new creative heights”- Remezcla (full review
“This is not new Latin Music, It’s new music”- Gladys Palmera (full review


Vinyl and download of full album here


Excerpt of recording session for “Roza Cruz” album 
Video directed by Peruvian artist Muriel Holguín, from the self-titled first LP
Interview for Remezcla on new technologies and Latin American Music