Myth and Prosthesis III: Robot, Teach us to Pray

The third and last installment of the series. The main motivation was to use technology as a cognitive ritual tool. I went back to crucial “pedagogical” events of my childhood. To the first times when I was told I should stop behaving like a homosexual. The times when I was told I should take psychiatric medication. I use the rhythms generated by the robot’s brain to dance and induce a trance state. I use the robot to investigate a self previous to the “pedagogical” events that modified me deeply. This is a utopia of a new way of relating with technology. An empowering way. To create a ritual technology that gives me tools re-code my mind/body in my own terms. 


NY State Council on the Arts/Wavefarm Media Arts Assistance Fund

Open Call for time based installations at Knockdown Center, New York

Harvestworks New Works Commission & Residency New York


The New Yorker (Click here)

Site Specific Performances

New Latin Wave, New York, Brooklyn Bazaar 9/30/18

Knockdown Center, New York 08/30/18 (video excerpt)

Performance winner of the open call for time based pieces 2018

AMIL Gallery, Lima 3/13/18  

This performance was at my hometown, where my body has been constructed in my community as a Latino male, musician and scholar. I use the robot as a tool to de-construct those categories and find new possibilities. I also de-construct the robot’s “body”, which is usually expected to perform a proficient, modern, Western, clean and cost/benefit efficient tasks.

Video footage by Mafia. Photos by Brayan Flores courtesy of the artists and AMIL Gallery.